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~Go Ahead And Cry Little Boy~

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The Neighbourhood is one of my favorite bands and I really hoped that Daddy Issues would be on here just because of the title. This mix had actually been recommended to me so I just had to check it out. I've probably listened to it over ten times by now. I meant to comment sooner but I couldn't find the words to describe this mix. It's just so good! This is probably one of my favorite playlists ever. Thanks for the great mix!

@jjibunrock I'm gonna cry ;-; This made my day oh my gooood, thank you so much precious little one ( /^.^)/ I don't even know what to say, I've been staring at my screen like a happy unicorn mushing my cheeks for about 5 minutes now. Thank yooooou ^^

This mix is so beautiful!! As someone who is really in love with "Go ahead and cry little boy," I'm getting so happy every time the next song is playing. You have great taste in music and this playlist is wonderful!