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Hades Polydegmon/Persephone Praxidike


Tracks 1-4
Hades Aidoneus Chthonios Polydegmon. The Unseen One. Receiver of Many. Ruler of the other side and Lord of the Dead...
For Hades, Lord of the Underworld.
Tracks 5-8
“They called me ‘She Who Destroys the Light’.”
“But, sweet one, that’s what 'Persephone’ means in the old tongue."

"They called me Praxidike.”
“It means 'justice’.”
“It means 'vengeance’,"
For Persephone, who grew from girl to queen; and learned to stand on her own.

A combo of a previous mini-mix "Persephone" with it's sequel "Hades". Both inspired by Receiver of Many/Destroyer of Light by Rachel Alexander.
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8 tracks
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