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dark owl records


a mix for late night desert drives. alone. in the dark. so very alone, so very dark. you see nothing ahead of you, nothing behind you, you cannot even see your hand in front of your face. you can't feel it, either. but you can hear. oh, the soothing sounds that fill the void. as you and your car careen endlessly through the abyss, never to return, you are thankful for the music. terrified, but thankful.

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(ft. tom waits, jack white, muse, etc.)

15 tracks
2 comments on dark owl records

This is definitely my favourite wtnv playlist, good job at creating it! amazing songs, all of them and it just really fits the dark owl records/Night Vale vibe!

Very terrified, very thankful, especially for "Horse With No Name" and "Short Change Hero." I love having classic rock in my Night Vale mixes!