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Long since forgotten


for people long-dead whose names and memories have been erased by time; whose faces and stories may never be known; whose families no longer visit or bring flowers; who are remembered only in passing by curious eyes and wandering feet, by the curious travelers who pause and kneel beside them, whose fingers brush away dirt and grass from their now-smooth stones

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There are no words to express how I love this playlist and how emotions it has brought to my heart, to my very soul. I love the sweet melancholy that seems to float in the air while I'm listening to this mix, I love the way you show us this unique playlist: such beautiful words, so full of meaning, nearly made cry without even listening to the mix. But now that I do, I have to say: thank you. Thank you for making me remember my loved ones so long gone now, thank you for making me feel their love for me although the worlds that keep us apart from each other, thank you for making me see life for what truly is and see what things are important and what are not and thank you for inspiring me to write, one of my greatest passions in life. Your mix has helped me in so many ways, I can promise this is only the first of many more: I will always listen to this playlist in my time of need. Thank you, God bless your soul.