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This Ragtag Team Of Misfit Assholes


Daisy, an inhuman vigilante for pay.

Grant, the assassin.

Jemma, the double agent who worked for hydra.

Fitz, the teenage genius with anger issues.

Phil, a man broken beyond repair.

Melinda, Fury's informant.

After the events of CA:WS, Phil and Melinda are assigned one last mission by Director Fury; to assemble a team that can work outside the lines of the law, get into places where the avengers can't and take no prisoners. This task force isn't meant to save the world; they're meant to get the job done. No questions asked.

They're only meant to protect the skittered ashes that was once S.H.I.E.L.D.... even if that means killing someone to do just that.

(Fanfic Coming Someday... Maybe... Who knows?)

25 tracks