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The Numen, The Soul, and The Body (Re-Edit)


Traditional music angles and commentary from Eyvind Kang, Omar-S, Autechre, and various field recordings from Africa. Assembled from random notes in the course of a years' listening. The tracks in this mix get shuffled and added-to/subtracted regularly, so listen often and listen well. Originally published Nov 15th, 2011.

Pictured: the brail-like labyrinth plaque near Trinity Church behind the Eaton Centre, Toronto.

12 tracks
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Thanks! The first track is incredible and tests your patience in all the ways it needs to in order to introduce the rest of the mix!

"Introduces" is a great way to define its role. It eases the listener into the way the later tracks are going to influence him. I listened to it in its entirety last night and I know it's one of the playlists I'm gonna keep returning to - great work!! I'd love to see more stuff like this, this music is really inspiring and it's unlike anything I've stumbled upon before searching for Noviciat on 8tracks. :)

Thanks, dude. It's rare that anyone makes it far enough in to enjoy the fruits of the labour without skipping ahead! It's another thing entirely to return to! I've long intended to mix these and other tracks into something more seamless, but I am waiting to pair them with more complimentary material. What I am waiting to prepare is a playlist of the most boundlessly beautiful music I've ever heard. Surprisingly, I haven't found a lot that fits the criteria...

These playlists are largely the result of research and selection, but I also do live mixes for public and private consumption. This one has been making the rounds lately:

In the case of this particular playlist, the significant weight of Binah, and in particular the mystery of the Noviciat de Soeurs Missionaires, is why this was put together. I feel that is a very hard track to pair with anything. It is so powerful. I've yet to hear anything quite like it. Any leads?
It's a very tough piece to find an equal for, but I'd say you can't go wrong with the soundtrack from The Mission and the ways Yasunori Mitsuda uses choirs. At least that's the way I feel about this music and that was what I was searching for when I discovered Noviciat. There's a teahouse in my city where they had some really awesome exotic choral music playing last time I was there, I regret I didn't ask those people what it was, but I'll do it next time. ;)
That mix is just something I put together to send some suggestions your way, it's far from perfect and most of those tracks are not the same scale as what you're looking for, partly because I got a bit carried away by my own ideas along the way. Hope you can find some inspiration in it anyway.
Oh and BTW if you want to remake this playlist I'd appreciate it if the original tracklist was left intact somewhere here on 8tracks. ;]

Eyvind Kang: Binah, 2002
Abigail Washburn: Prelude, 2011
Jody Stecher: Oh the Wind & Rain, 1999
Ekkehard Ehlers: Nie Wieder Schnell Sagen, 2006
Omar-S: Psychotic Photosynthesis (Yanomami Shamanising Mix), 2007
Seefeel: Spangle (Autechre Remix), 2003
Unknown: Money! No! (Laos), 2005
Boards of Canada: From One Source All Things Depend, 2002
The Bulgarian Voices Angelite & Moscow Art Trio with Huun-Huur-Tu: Midnight Tale, 1998
Gogo: Awu Mungo Ya Wetu Amusolile Ko II., 1950
Noviciat de Soeurs Missionaires de Notre Dame d'Afrique & four religious drummers: Yesu Ka Mkwebase (Rwanda), unknown
Eyvind Kang: Live Low To The Earth, In The Iron Age, 2002