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*for the one and only - part one*
The songs are organized by year, except for the last two songs which are my favorite songs of all time so I felt I should save my best for last. Please listen to all of them? Maybe you'll find one or two you like, but also i need to know your opinion so I can refine my idea of what your music taste is.
But beyond that, thank you so much, my shooting star, my flaming comet, for being my most best friend I have ever had. I could not have met someone more caring and wonderful than you. I want to thank you for that, and I want you to know in every bone of your body that I love you and appreciate you. Thank you for gracing my life with your existence and presence.

40 tracks
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I wouldn't say it took me all that long but I do type pretty fast so that was good too haha. I'm glad you like it! And thank you so much for commenting :)

working my way through your playlist right now, great so far. I was just wondering how long it took you to create? As you have clearly put in a lot of work.