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2 comments on 神話少女

@narukami009 I like her too! I'm pretty sure she is one of the most brilliant musical artist. Honestly, I was inspired by last track - Yasashii tetsugaku. at first time to listen the music I thought it might be linked to the photo book, but actually not.

@morphinerush I agree ! she is brilliant. i love her very first album, "muzai moratorium" actually I've never listened this song(Yasashii tetsugaku) before. It's awesome!!

@narukami009 Is that your favorite? In the first album, especially I love marunouchi sadistic! it makes me feel melancholic, I even don't know why, but I feel. ^0^ music, lyrics.. everything she makes is amazing. have you listened to her recent album?

@morphinerush That sounds nice. I love your sense :) by the way in your profile your location is korea republic. if you are korean we don't have to use english anymore.

@narukami009 아, 먼저 말해주셔서 고마워요! 사실 저도 narukami009님 프로필을 봤는데 한국어로 어떻게 넘어가야 할지 고민하다 계속 영어로 말하고 있었어요 ^_

@morphinerush 블로그 가보고 알았어요 아이디가 같아서 ㅎㅎ 알고계셨으면 말해주시지 ㅠㅠ 너무해ㅠㅠ 영어잘못해서 힘들었는데

@narukami009 앗 그랬어요? 전혀 몰랐는데.. 프로필 체크하기 전까지는 한국인인 것도 몰랐고 영어 잘하셔서 저만 힘든줄 알았어요 ^ㅁ^... 그렇군요 블로그를 보셨나요 왠지 굉장히