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Coventry Fields

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Soundtrack de mi one-shot "Los Campos de Coventry", en español, en

Soundtrack of my one-shot "Coventry Fields", in Spanish, in

  • Her Gentle Spirit by Jocelyn Pook
  • John Dowland: Awake Sweet Love (1597) with editorial divisions by flautodolce
  • Mirie It Is While Sumer Ilast by Novel Arch
  • Castel De Cielo Boss by Alegruz
  • Quantas Sabedes, Cantigas de Amigo, Martim Codax by MaggieFinnegan
  • Stella Splendens by xterminal86
  • Ein Doulz Chastel de Pavie by Lena Susanne Norin
  • Love Song by Arany Zoltán
8 tracks