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Isolation: A Dirk Strider Fanmix


I put these songs together with Dirk’s years alone on Earth in mind. Track 5 is something I can imagine him singing to Roxy, and it's also my headcanon voice for him. The last track relates more to his dream self on Derse, with its tall spires and inherent danger.

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Cover art by Tumblr user tweedvest:

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8 comments on Isolation: A Dirk Strider Fanmix

I've been inexplicably isolated for at least 12 years of my life and I can tell you that this fits very well with that sensation and is eerily accurate.

I'm just gonna pair with Rainymood for a great longing effect.

Grade A perf. Will listen to again and again and again.

This is so fucking awesome I can't even form words. It's so lonely, longing. Fits Dirk perfectly. Keep up the great work!