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Shine On


To the light that shines when darkness nears
To the hope that perseveres in despair and anguish
To many lost and to few who are found
To those whose radiance carries on

(Tracks I've put together denoting momentous events in the life of a young Miqo'te (now Au Ra) Black Mage. Post-Heavensward)

  • Flying in the Midst of the Storm by Wild ARMs 3
    The start of a journey for a young adventurer, from the ashes of the Calamity she seeks a new life. One filled with wonder and hope.
  • Feeling Wind by Wild Arms
    Face to face (or lack thereof) with the Mother Crystal was an experience she would never forget.
  • iisa (Theme From Darna) by Di Na Nag
    Life as an adventurer is good... it's everything she's ever dreamed of... yet...
  • To the Moon -OST- by Laura Shigihara
    On quiet nights she would sing to herself, a special song taught to her by her parents, to remind her of her roots.
  • Narda (Love Theme From Darna) by RED.Borderline
    A fated meeting with a certain Hyur who has since captivated this young Hyur
  • Boop by Jeff Williams
    For now, life was good. Yeah there's a few bumps with the primals and the Garlean threat at their doors but the sun's out the wind is crisp. Boop!
  • Issun's Theme by Hiroshi Yamaguchi
    Meeting Hildibrand was the best thing ever.
  • Mirror Mirror (White Trailer) [feat. Casey Lee Williams] by Jeff Williams
    All good things must come to an end.
  • Bayonetta Soundtrack The Greatest Jubilee (Final Boss Theme) by Karen Beau Pre
    The snake bears its fangs all at once in this whirlwind of twists and betrayal, and she is forced to flee the city she now calls home.
  • Harp Cover by The Dragonborn Comes
    For the first time in forever, she is vulnerable... weak...
  • All Our Days (prod. & comp. by Jeff and Casey Williams) by RWBY
    Dedicated to the fallen and the lost
  • Claire De Lune by Veronique
    From the furry features of a Miqo'te to the sleek scales of an Au Ra...
  • Kiss the Rain by Yiruma
    Sleepless nights account for the Black Mage's fatigue, as a smile unforgotten flits across her muddled memories. Her smiling mask falls not long after as she hides tears shed for the fallen Knight.
  • RWBY [FULL VERSION!] by Shine
    First nights are awkward
  • Dream Come True by Jeff Williams
    Stolen glances, shy smiles, and warm embraces
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