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songs you would catch onoda singing on his bike

(i tried not to be a self-inserting weeaboo from my middle school anime phase but did that go well? Obviously not)

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12 tracks
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okay this comment is so outta of the blue but i thought it was worth mentioning- preview: this playlist unknowingly helped my depression immensely so thank you thank you so much you made this playlist. okay so actual story time: i found this playlist in my junior bc yowapeda was my life at the time. i listened to the playlist and looooooved fushigi na purururin. i was still new to anime at the time and was surprised to see that whaaa? fushigi na pururin has an anime?? i looked up welcome to the nhk and it really got to me in a lot of ways and really affected me. fast forward two years and i'm at rock bottom, like highkey in the depppthhhs of my depression and i skip thru 90% of my songs bc theyre all too cheery or now have bad memories. until one day i remember welcome to the nhk and its' op. fast forward after committing myself to recovery (meds and therapy and shit, you know the drill), and im still starting out, but ive improved immensely since my rock bottom. i think alot about sato and him being depressed and the show and god the amount of reviews ive read over reading welcome to the nhk. this one show means a lot to me and i wouldve never found it unless it was for your playlist. god this is so outta nowhere, but just. please know that your actions had some major effect on some girl in a rando country in asia. i know it seems like im just spouting incoherent grattitude lol i get that, but just know. like. im truly and honestly thankful for your existance and that on some random day in july you made such a playlist. so. thank you, and i hope youre not going anything horrible. if you arent, then i hope you continue to live a rad and peaceful existence. thanks man. i mostly thought i should write this bc its been forever since i logged on here, bc i was able to accomplish a lot to day and even draw and i thought, i better go on 8tracks and find some new music. and i thought, now more than ever i should thank you.and lol, thats it i guess! have a good day man haha!