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♛ an instrumental mix for lords and ladies, for princes and princesses and for kings and queens (or for those who want to feel royal) ♛
this playlist consists of (in the very largest part) upbeat classical music
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24 tracks
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i love this playlist but i have one little thing; on a few artists you put "sorry i dont know"- credit your artists please!! it's not respectful to the composer and his or her work to not do so and it only takes a few seconds to look it up. waltz of the flowers and pas des deux: intrada are both by tchaikovsky.

@wtindall haha of course i know they're by tchaikovsky and i assumed so did everyone else. but tchaikovsky isn't strictly speaking the artist, he's the composer. i don't know which orchestra played my recording of nutcracker since i only have the digital files and have sadly lost the cd and that's what i meant when i didn't fill in the artist. i realize now that i put the composer instead of the artist on a quite a few other tracks but i sort of assumed that everyone would know that the nutcracker is by tchaikovsky. thanks for pointing it out though, i'll switch it around so it becomes clear who the composer is and what the piece is.

@wtindall In case you're still wondering, this morning I found my CDs and it turns out that the recording is by the Kirov Orchestra, conducted by Gergiev.