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Samhain Yoga Class


Music for a special All Hallow's Eve yoga class I taught on 10-29-12. After track 6 I fast-forwarded to 10 for core, so tracks 7-9 were there just in case I wanted to switch the vibe. Unfortunately 10 was a little too soft in my recording so we just used 11 for core. then 18 played for the guided part of savasana, and just as I left the room for the student's unguided savasana, 20 started. This isn't actually that different from my regular yoga class playlists...

20 tracks
4 comments on Samhain Yoga Class

Great mix, thank you. I'd definitely enjoy taking your class some time and hope to see more yoga mixes here. Namaste

Uh... Ministry and Switchblade Symphony by a yoga teacher making a Samhain mix? You just became my hero. Do we get Projekt artist in here somewhere too?

Bless your heart. I play Black Tape for a Blue Girl all the time in my regular class :) You might like my Raqs Arcana bellydance performance, which involved Nick Cave and Ministry -- you can see it at my website.