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3 comments on Midnight

ooh, here's a thing: - are you familiar with Brian Eno's younger bro Roger's stuff...? If not, go have a listen, I've heard him on Rdio and Bloom (I think). Think you'll like what you hear; he's not as experimental as his older bro, don't really know with whom to equate him, I was going to say the Oldfields (but Terry more than Mike), but even that's not a fair comparison (close as I can come, tho!) X❤️X

if you've got Aphex Twin on here, we're mates for life (not that I've any idea what that means. I'm autistic, no fookin' idea how hoomins work!). Now you'll think I'm a right nutter (I won't mind, ya won't be the 1st, an' yer certainly won't be the last, lass!) X❤️X

right, you! This is the THIRD mix of yours I've ❤️, lassie! It's the Sheffie connection - can't think what else it could be... I'm assuming, then, as I'm following you now, I'll get told if you u/l anything else...? This is JUST what I needed tonight. You do trance, too...? Wish there was a PM system. Hugs X❤️X

Thanks! I've just read your comments :) And thanks for the recommendations! Going to check Roger's music... a gap in my music education there!