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The Pool


Hours of hit songs from the 90s that can turn any day into a refreshing summertime swim through the waves of nostalgia. If you don't think these songs are " The Pool" then you clearly don't understand what the pool is.

107 tracks
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I did not expect to get so emotionally attached to a freakin' playlist. I've been listening to this all day, and now that it's at the end, I'm kind of sad. Awesome mix.

This is the definitive 90s playlist, IMO. there are few playlists out there that capture the sense of optimism quite as well as this one.

It doesn't cover some other genres/music movements, and I could've done without certain songs (e.g. Creed). That's part of its charm, though: It's like you were actually transported back to a time when all this stuff could've been playing on the radio, or on a mix-tape you were too lazy to fast-forward through (if that makes sense).

Great playlist. Thanks, @Mpjohnson34! :)