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Deadpool - You're on my Naughty List


It's me, Deadpool! Ready to spread some holiday cheer from rear to rear. I hope you've been good, because if you weren't, I'll hand your ass to you with this playlist I've burnt. So, as you're eating cookies, and sipping some nog, listen to this playlist while eyeing my yule log. Just remember, there's a man in a red suit watching you everywhere, and then there's Santa. See what I did there? Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. Now excuse me and my tight, red, sweet love buns.

18 tracks
1 comment on Deadpool - You're on my Naughty List

Excellent playlist! Different from other holiday playlists but nothing less than expected for a Deadpool holiday mix. Thanks for making it and sharing it with the world. Definitely on the nice list.