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Starting a monthly collection of all the newest music I personally download because I’ve been getting requests from a lot of people of where I get my music or where do I hear all this music. Anyways the point is I’m a huge fan of music and I would love to share with all of you (who ever my audience is) as to what the newest music I hear is. It will also be cool to share music with me that you think I might like base on my collection of songs. Once again this is my personal collection sometimes I download music that has been out for years because I miss the song or have not heard it in a while or in fact I have never heard the song and just now hearing about it. I will update this until the end of each month for however long this thing last. In the meantime this is what I’m hearing:

I listen to all types of music from all over the world if it sounds good, has a good meaning to it or just a good beat ill grab it. Sometimes I don’t even understand the damn song but it sounds so amazing to the ears that it grows on me.
"Forever, music will remain the universal language of man, transforming and illuminating the consciousness of the listener bringing remembrance of knowing that there is no distance nor separation."

"No intention for copyright infringement intended; I download/speak of all my music legally" ^_^'