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❃EDC LasVegas 2013❃

Notes This is where I am at now! I left 8tracks becuase spotify was way more easier to find/listen to new music follow me there!

Hottest EDM! 130 tracks.. This playlist is to get you pumped and ready for EDC 2013 Las VEGAS!!! The playlist is arranged by date downloaded first to the end of now. EDC 2012 - EDC 2013. Check out the Official Trailer

130 tracks
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I tried downloadthing this playlist from MEGA, but apparently the vlc doesn't recognize the input. I am wanting to download the first song Round up of EDM 2012, do u know where i could find that?

@hmanhas he deleted it off his soundcloud but here is the youtube video just use a youtube to mp3 converter on the internet.

The download link from mega should be fine, you just need to un-zip it when its done downloading either through windows 7 or win.rar >