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Beach Area 54


See any aliens lately? Well according to the black suits with the white ties, each year there are approximately 60,000 accounts of UFO sightings across the planet. Further studies found that 5% of the film footage and photos of sightings were identified as not being of our known technology. Either way, opinions are mixed worldwide whether in fact aliens are really planning on conquering the human race, or whether it’s just a massive money making conspiracy. I'll check with ET the next time he calls. Thank you for listening, enjoy the music.

9 tracks
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i love this whole playlist so, so, much. really got me through difficult all nighters and kept me awake and motivated. thank you so much for making this.

@BLXCKWlDOW Greetings to you Blxckwidow, pleased you enjoy them, yeah some real get up and go tracks to say the least, keeps us on our toes. Thank you so much for writing me with your comments, nice. Take care now, bye bye M.M