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Behind You Every Step!


Luckily those ladybugs are small given they have similar traits of a tortoise; armored shell, hidden abdomens, & protruding legs. Snappin turtles with wings. LOL. These bugs are predators with a ravenous appetite, devouring mites & aphids by the dozens at meal time; no surprise they are the gardeners best friend. Besides being a thrill to watch flying around in their shiny red winged bombers, they are armed with a payload of foul-smelling alkaloids which is deployed when pissed off. In spring, females produce upwards of a 1,000 eggs, many of which won’t evolve to become flying school graduates as a result of being anothers snack. Ladybugs practice cannibalism if food is scarce to survive. Many thanks to you for listening & to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible. Enjoy the music!

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