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Between The Lines


Nothing beats being in the country & having a relaxing nap on that porch bench. Yeah, having that warm summer breeze pass over your skin as the scent of the great outdoors rushes into your nostrils. Kind of makes for great day dreaming as you nod off at your office desk; well until you get caught. Do not fear as there are fake excuses should this happen to you. Simply lift your head ever so slowly with your eyes half open & say “they warned me about this at the blood bank”, or “they told us to take a power nap at the time management course” or “oh heavens I left the cap off the whiteout again” or “do you hear that weird noise coming out of my keyboard” & if they don’t cut it try, “thank you for your divine grace and forgiveness of all my sins…AMEN. Thanks for coming by, enjoy the music.

16 tracks
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