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Body of Music


There certainly are many opinions about the physical stimulus of the music and the sensory responses that may influence an exercisers performance. For some, music has the tendency to bring on a much higher intensity to their workout program as the brains activities synchronize the body muscles to the tempo of the music. For others, the body motion to the music simply creates a state of mind whereby the actual exercise being performed is mentally bypassed temporally; kind of like riding your bike through the park and not recalling the whole trip back home. Either way, combining fitness with music in a workout program strengthens the soul and promotes a healthy life style. Many thanks to you for listening and to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible. Enjoy the music!

12 tracks
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@kac2868 Greetings Kac2868, thank you so much, I am very pleased you enjoyed the playlist and have written me your note. Take Care! M.M :-)

Nice mix of some cool trance songs! I really liked "Take me home" by Dark Matters Feat Denise Rivera and "Anywhere but here" by Orjan Nilson Feat Neev Kennedy.