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Bust A Sweat


Sweat patches...really? Yeah, paste on this quarter size patch while working out & beam readings right to your smart phone. Some research has made claim that this sticker tracks the low levels of electrolytes in the body to prevent dehydration by simply analyzing the sweat being discharged. As one sweats, the fluids intermingle with the micro compartments within the patch which results in a host of colors being displayed on its surface; levels like the amount of chlorides, lactates & glucose in the body. After the workout, grab your smart phone, use the special app, take a photo of the patch & presto, the results are presented. Now that sure would be a cool gift rather than socks or underwear. Many thanks to you for listening & to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible. Enjoy!

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Searched "Fitness" and knew I could count on this playlist. I'm hyped! Check out my YouTube, Instagram & other SM accounts linked in my bio for more fitness related content! We are in this together!

@D4G Fitness Greetings D4G, thanks for coming by and writing me....yeah the selection of tracks keeps them muscle groups in check without a doubt. Nice work on YT, keep up the fantastic work. Cheerssssss M/M