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C'mon Let's Sweat!


Besides everyone having a few million sweat glands spread across their bodies, men’s sweat is slightly saltier than women’s. It’s also been noted that men sweat almost twice as much as women do. Some say it’s because they are on the hot seat more often thus creates stressful sweat. Anyway, regular sweat is made up of potassium, water and salt, which is expelled through the skin when our temperature rises, and cools the body as it evaporates. Normally sweat is clear and odorless until stress comes about and fires up your apocrine glands, releasing a cocktail of fatty acids and proteins. Once combined with the underarm bacteria, that all too familiar stench and yellowish color occurs. Many thanks to you for listening and to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible. Enjoy the music!

11 tracks
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