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Neon lights, lots of shapes, sizes and stunning multi-colors. From being fabricated into artistic curves, to forming letters and pictures, these dramatic signs are breath taking; just don’t glare at them to long. Seems that some believe neon rays may have effects on the retina and can cause permanent eye damage, similar to staring at the sun. What about them office lighting fixtures that contain mercury vapor, liquid or powder which when charged with electric energy transform into a fluorescent substance….ultraviolet light? Gee, wonder what happens if one of them glow bars was ever to come plummeting from overhead; all that shattered glass and particles of mercury being strewn into the air. Now that’s a bad day at the office. Thanks for coming by….enjoy the music!

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Music is my everything. I love making electronic music also I am always in my headphones listening to it while working on my writing projects during the day. My job demands lots of concentration so I prefere chill electronic music like this one.