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Come Dance With Me


Back in July of 1518 in the town of Strasbourg France, an unexplained hysteria took place; it was called the “Dancing Plague.” It started with a woman named Frau Troffea who began dancing violently in the streets and totally out of control. Hundreds of town folk joined in, dancing day after day well into a full month. Once the phenomenon ended, the local doctor’s tally of the deceased numbered into the dozens, declaring heart attacks or strokes as the cause. Thanks for listening, enjoy the music!

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@JakeDugs @JakeDugs Howdee JakeDugs, thank you for popping by and dropping me a line, glad you enjoyed! Am listening, love your selection of music artists, super mix....well done! Always love the work Cole Swindell does, great you added his track "Let Me See Ya Girl", By the way, he's in town this week. Keep up the excellent playlists. Bye bye now, M.M