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Easy Rider Blues


Motorized cycling sure has come a long way from the French bicycle maker Pierre Michaux fitting a frame with cranks and pedals back in 1861. Thereafter came about the coal powered stream SH Roper in 1869 and Gottlieb Daimler’s wooden framed gasoline engine version in 1885. Some estimated these motorbikes covered a mile in 2.5 minutes reaching a top speed 30 mph. It certainly is a feat of engineering when one thinks in terms of today’s turbine superbikes offering a mind boggling 300 hp which reach upwards of 195 mph. Although motorcycles have changed a great deal since their invention, the feeling of freedom on the road has and always will remain the same for the biker. Many thanks to you for listening and to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible. Enjoy the music!

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@talktoari Greetings Talkloari, so thrilled you enjoyed my playlist......thank you big time for coming by and dropping me a line, I really appreciate your support. Cheersssss. M/M :-)

I am struggling to get 3 blues songs together to make a playlist and you're out there compiling the compilations of blues songs like Voodoo, Devil, Southern Mama, Street Bourbon and now the Easy rider. Well what can I say? All i can do is nothing but to like all of them.

@chilloverock Hello Chilloverrock, so pleased you wrote me.....yeah, it can be challenging and found creating themes within the various blues styles and vocal contents to make for exciting playlists. On that note, I will say the sky is the limit when it comes to the blues, keep up the search, K. Thank you again for coming by. Bye Bye M/M :-)

Geez, I love this playlist, especially Riders on the Storm. How can I download that song? I don't like the version that's on youtube..

@mariaappv Hello Mariaappv, very pleased you enjoyed the playlist, thank you for leaving me your note. Oh yes, super musician, truly talented . The track you seek is available at itunes and cdbaby under the album "Radio" released in 2007. Cheersssssssssss. M.M