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Feel The Heat


Gee, another vigorous exercise session to burn up calories & now you’re totally wiped out for the remaining day, but did the after-burn effect also known as "excess post exercise oxygen consumption" or EPOC increase? Well dozens of experts figure there's a strong correlation between the # of calories burned post exercise & the activity’s intensity. Some studies showed that a rigorous 60 min workout could in fact after-burn an extra 200-300 cals while simply resting 8 hrs or so thereafter. Bad news is if one rests in front of the big screen with them favorite brews, you might consider fasting the following day as 1 lb of fat is approximately 3500 kcal, about 45 cl or 15 fluid oz’s in volume. Many thanks to u for listening & to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible. Enjoy the music!

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@jessica.taylor.7161 Gee Us Jessica, better dial 911 toot sweet, hahaha, wonder if 8tracks has a good lawyer. Please take care of yourself k, watch that heart rate. Thanks a bunch for popping by, I really appreciate it, bye bye! M/M