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Let's Pump It Hard!


Is exercise really the best medicine? Well some MD’s say yes based on the 3 molecules in the body called mTOR, PGC-1 & BDNF. The mTOR molecules are activated in the muscles during strenuous exercising like pumping iron & assists with their growth. Then there are the PGC-1 molecules which are activated during endurance exercising like jogging or aerobics & promote the assembly of the mitochondria energy proteins in the bodys cells. Last is the brain derived neuropeptide factor (BDNF) molecules which are produced simultaneously with the others & is noted for increasing the hippocampus volumes or structure inside the brain, thus elevates the hippocampal which is associated with better memory. Many thanks to you for listening & to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible. Enjoy the music!

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