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Midnite Maniac


Is doing millions of crunches the best way to melt away those love handles? Kinda of adds up; working them abdominal muscles while burning up them chubby’s at the same right? Well some experts are of the opinion doing sit-ups will build stronger abs however they may not necessarily reveal them. Others have gone as far as stating that set-ups simply don’t burn very many calories or flabby’s. Then there are those which do “planks”, as they are more effective in developing strength of the core, arms, shoulders, and glutes. This simply isometric exercise seems to firm the entire body from the mid's to the neck. A few fitness directors believe doing planks activates roughly three times more muscles compared to doing crunches. Thanks for coming by…enjoy the music!

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So good!!! Actually all your mixes are awesome, and your comments are great too. Makes me smile--and want to work out! :)

@E-Ball Greetings...I am so thrilled you wrote me, very kind...I appreciate the time you spend listening to my playlists and am very grateful. Many blessings to you and good health...bye bye..MrM :-)