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One Way Track


If you give me away, you never get me again. Like a paper bag, I will dance in the wind. And after so many turns I wouldnt know where to land. But I know my job was done, wont hold nothing again. If you think back to when we first met, you carried me but I carried your shit. You put me down, and started on to forget, that you needed me once, thats something you regret. I should have known, that I was pre disposed, with the uses I served. Oh how was I to know that once the job was done, then its time to go. Now you carry the weight all on your back; you know you put me out still, I hope your trains on track, cause you still fill me up with the things I lack. So maybe someone comes along, and need a paper bag. I brought your goods home and went out with the thrash. Paper Bag by Mimi Naja

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