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Sundae Delight


Could the origin of ice cream date back as far as Alexander the Great, the king of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon around 350 BC.? Did he grind up mountain ice with fruits or was it Nero Claudius Caesar in 60 AD.? Maybe it was King T’ang of Shang which crushed ice into a dish filled with fermented milk, flour and camphor in 700 AD. Perhaps it was Marco Polo which brought the methods of ice cream making on his return from China around 1300. Could that have led to Italian Catherine de Medici’s sorbet ice creation of mixing cream with shredded sugarcane imported from the Arab nations in the 1500’s. Some believe in 1795 Martha Washington scolded her husband George; sending him to the dog house one cold winter night with a bowl of leftover pudding and on his awaking…presto “ice cream.”

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