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Today’s culture pretty much assume that white magic is a good thing and black magic as being from the dark side. Interesting enough, the old practice of voodoo has no association with white or black. In fact when a wicked spirit is called upon by an evil enemy to inflict badness to another, it’s referred to as red magic. As for the stuffed doll, items are attached which are associated to the person such as a strand of hair or picture. If the inserted pins don’t do you, the candle flame sure will. For the most part, the modern voodooism revolves around healing the sick and administering special blends of herbs. Thank you for listening; enjoy the music!

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Hey Blue Torch, glad you enjoyed, yeah, Voodoo sure has a mystifying history and how it has blended among the present faiths. Thanks for popping by, Cheersssssss to you! M.M