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Could sitting in the gyms hotbox after a workout really help lose weight faster? Some figure one can burn some 500-1000 calories roasting for 30 minutes. Others believe that when they swelter, is not fat loss but simply fluid loss which contains body toxins or its heat allowing for the improvement of blood circulation. Unfortunately not practicing proper hydration while sitting in the oven is very unhealthy. Some studies say baking makes it harder for your body to shed weight. So does or doesn’t it help with weight loss? Well the web is full of formulas; however most fitness buffs equate the number of calories burned in 30 minutes by noting their body-weight and multiply it by 1.8 which provides an estimated number of calories which have been burned. Have a safe workout and enjoy life!

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@epicperson15 Greetings Epicperson, thank you so much for coming by to listen to my playlist; I must admit I wrestled with this assembly of these tracks; mainly with bringing some continuity between the bpm rates. I do appreciate your comment and is so important. Cheerssssssss, bye...MrM:-)