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Trancercise Plyometrics


Let’s get started, CRANK THE MUSIC! 1. Spread legs apart 1 foot, move arms straight out, bend at elbows, now squat and quickly raise body upwards into a full jump, (do 40). 2. Get into pushup position, lower body to the ground and quickly push upwards while pulling and bending left legs under you and return, now right leg, (do 30). 3. Stand with both feet together, lunge left leg forward 2 feet, and return, now right leg, (do 50). 4. Back to pushup position, spread legs apart 2 feet, now shift mid body weight to force both feet back together, now spread again, (do 25). 5. Stand straight and lunge left leg outwards 2 feet directly ahead of the other and return, now the right leg, (do 60). Many thanks to you for listening and to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible. Enjoy the music!

12 tracks