Is this playlist safe for work?

Xercizze Buzz


WHAT…don’t work out in the morning on an empty stomach? Who has time to sit down and eat breakfast anyways; fire up coffee maker, grab cup, add sweets, pour cream then head for the porcelain throne. Next jump in the shower, wash, blow dry, brush the pearly’s and hair, oh, dudes shave…ladies do makeup, throw on the threads and down that coffee…ok juice or tea then. Damn them moldy bagels! Well according to some fitness experts, one could run out of steam during the workout, and may start burning the body’s muscle tissue rather than the stored body fat. Other studies have found working out while in a fasting state builds the lean mass and increases the insulin sensitivity. Now if only my local drive thru offered cup-a-oatmeal with apple slices I could sleep in longer. Enjoy the music!

13 tracks