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You Have A Voice, Use It

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Track 1: American Noise - Skillet
The song starts out talking about people who are broken and feel like there worthless. The chorus is a message to them, telling them to raise their voice and make a change in the world with the lyrics “Lift up your voice, Let love cut through the American noise.”

Track 2: Warriors - Imagine Dragons
The song begins by saying that when you were younger you dreamt about making a change. Now that you're older, you have the opportunity to make a change, so don't back down from the opportunity.

Track 3: Hall of Fame - The Script
The song talks about how you can make a change so you should try to make a change instead of waiting for luck.

Track 4: Rise - Skillet
The song talks about how we should rise up together to make a change and “rise in revolution”

Track 5: The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
The singer is talking to America and talks about how it is a “brick hanging me down” so he is going to change it “like a Phoenix.”

Track 6: Renegades - X Ambassadors
The song says that we are living like renegades and doing something different than what has been done. By doing this, we are making a change.

Track 7: The Catalyst - Linkin Park
First of all, the title is “The Catalyst,” which means something that causes a change. Second, The song is talking about a movement and change, something that comes as a result of social activism.

Track 8: Come With Me Now - The Kongos
The singer is telling people to come with him as he makes a change. He also tells them not to be afraid to make the change.