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she's beauty, she's grace, she'll punch you in the face


"what kind of woman doesn't have an axe?"

a mix of songs dedicated to the badass that is detective rosa diaz

(check annotations maybe)
track list (ignore the random dashes):

1) s-he's a rebel by g-reen day
2) b-ad reputation by j-oan jett
3) c-ontrol by h-alsey
4) m-ardy bum by a-rctic monkeys
5) r-ebel girl by b-ikini kill
6) k-ick me by s-leeping with sirens
7) r-at a tat (ft. c-ourtney love) by f-all out boy
8) k-iss with a fist by f-lorence and the machine
9) t-eenagers by my c-hemical romance
10) g-ives you hell by the all-a-merican rejects
11) l-et's kill tonight by p-anic! at the disco
12) h-it me like a man by the p-retty reckless
13) s-he's thunderstorms by a-rctic monkeys
14) f-airly local by t-wenty one pilots
15) t-itanium (ft. s-ia) by d-avid guetta

15 tracks