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worst. crush. ever.


a long overdue hollstein playlist!!! features songs about their entire relationship from beginning end of s2 + i've tried to include not too many angry breakup songs bc i don't want to make anyone cry
(also i've added some new songs. enjoy!)

track list (ignore the dashes):

1) l-ove will have it's sacrifices by s-oles
2) y-ou're so dark by a-rctic monkeys
3) m-y boots by l-ights
4) g-irls like girls by h-ayley kiyoko
5) w-hen the day met the night by p-anic! at the disco
6) r-un away with me by c-arly rae jepsen
7) a-lone together by f-all out boy
8) b-ittersweet by p-anic! at the disco
9) i'm j-ust your problem by o-livia olson
10) g-host by h-alsey
11) s-top the world i wanna get off with you by a-rctic monkeys

11 tracks
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