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Despair and Die

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Just fuck me up, man. I'm a little Richard III obsessed and I've been crying for an inappropriate amount of time over this. Have you read The Sunne in Splendour? It's almost 1,000 pages of Richard and the Wars of the Roses, and if this playlist is any indicator, I think you might enjoy it, if you haven't read it already, of course.

@classicblunders The Sunne in Splendour is my EVERYTHING. Yes, it's 100% Ricardian but like, who cares?? It's fabulous and heartbreaking and I love it. Thank you so much for complimenting this mix...I'm glad someone cries over it as much as I did making it lol. I have another Richard mix too, as well as an Anne x Richard one AND one just for Anne so...Definitely not obsessed. Like, not at all.