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Acoustic Alternative

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good Goddess wow. That Teenage Fanclub track is so so amazing. Can I hear Verisimilitude next please? (It's possible I'm now chopping onions) Your passion for this is contagious. Will you make a duewet with me some time?

I completely agree with you about Mellow Doubt, it makes me feel really emotional every time I hear it. Grand Prix is one of my all time top 10 favourite albums. We must put a duewet together, how do we do it? (I have made them with a friend from work in the past, so talking is easy, they really need to introduce personal messaging on this site).

definitely agree with the personal messages. that and an analytics dashboard were mentioned when they rolled out the subscriber service but haven't heard anything about it since and the feedback forum needs some serious updating. Anyway, please feel free to send an email to nokdeez at gmail dot com and hopefully we can build something beautiful = )