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Back To The Phuture


Cutting edge bass and phuture funk juice, featuring music by Eprom, Baauer and Miho Fukuhara (just listen to the first 3 tracks, you will be hooked!). One of the remixes is by Chrome Wolves....I want a chrome wolf.

11 tracks
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Thanks for passing by and checking this out, I think this mix was really under-appreciated, about 8 of the listens are from me. It's strange, I might spend no effort on a mix and it's really popular, or hunt around for ever finding weird and interesting shit and it bombs........... never mind, it's more interesting finding the weird shit

it's a shame cause this is a fun mix. I posted it on my facebook. the same thing has happened with several of my mixes too. I thought for sure my 2 most recent mixes, especially the one I published this week. but I noticed the awesome mrscain has given it a heart, so thank you!