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Oh Yeah!

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I love that someone else uses the future bass tag! finally getting to this mix. off to a sweet start. btw, just picked up Roska: 2 cd. good schtuff. you'll be hearing it my mixes soon.

It was on your mixes that I first saw future bass as a tag or genre, it's out there as a regular genre now......are you the daddy? I was listening to this type music for a while without knowing how to classify it, which is kinda disorientating, as you know electronic music does not suffer from a lack of "genre-fication" and to hear something that doesn't fit is cool

Back in the day when I used to buy CD's (not possible where I live now) I had the first 20+ releases on Soul Jazz, even the tempting (but shit) voodoo thing that they did. They are right up there with my favourite labels.

If Oh Yeah is good enough for Daft Punk, Can, Aerosmith, Charles Mingus and Yello then it's good enough for me. I don't really know what future bass is other than a catch-all genre for recent bass music that exists outside the boundaries of dubstep, post-dubstep, garage, house, techno etc. etc. Listen to a Benji B mix, his stuff kinda exemplifies what I mean