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Sweet Nights


Wear your sunglasses at night and get down to these hot, sexy, sultry, soulful garage beats featuring music from Redlight, My Nu Leng and Plezier

10 tracks
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it's an abbreviation of UK Garage which grew up alongside jungle and D+B and formed the basis of the UK bass scene that gave birth to grime and dubstep etc. It's nothing new but has really stayed based in the UK, some US producers like Dubbel Dutch are heavily influenced by it. wiki:

I'm pretty sure something is wrong with the mix feeds. That's why you have only a few plays on this mix. (happened to me too) 8 tracks should really fix this. I already mailed them but didn't get any response yet.

OK, thanks for the info. Has this been happening for a while? I put a mix up last week and it didn't get one single play so I removed it after a few days....or maybe I'm just unpopular... :)