Is this playlist safe for work?

I plan on being a very big part of that.

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I am so totally invested in this character that the title of the mix gives me feels. I can picture exactly when he says it, how he says it, and where he says it. Thank you. I totally wanted to think of that while doing my homework. The mix is great by the way.

@JemmaFitz42 Oh gosh I'm so glad you like it! I am so invested in this character it's probably borderline ridiculous. Thank you for listening. :)

@JemmaFitz42 @msdevindanielle 8tracks sent me one of those weekly "you'd like this!" emails this morning and it was one of the first times i instantly clicked through to the playlist. it's so good. the title is perfect (i also immediately thought of the exact scene in "turn turn turn" and of fitz being braver than anyone else in the room). i think i need to lie down.