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The Memory Palace of Hannibal Lecter


A compilation of Hannibal's classical music as can be heard in his memory palace
over the course of season 3's Red Dragon Chapter.

I'll add more as I find more of the pieces, but for now enjoy! :)

Italian Chapter:

I make more useless playlists on Spotify:

9 tracks
4 comments on The Memory Palace of Hannibal Lecter

this playlist mixed with Hannibals influence of course is the reason I have discovered my love for cooking. Having these classical melodies dancing in the background as I glaze, marinate, and methodically cut up veggies is a religious experience. Thank you for compiling these songs together!

really pretty. love the matching set, the will graham one and this are both lovely, you did an excellent job. thanks for sharing

This is an excellent playlist, and also great for studying to -- I listened to it while researching and drafting a paper on Ovid's Metamorphoses, and it definitely put me in the mindset to do it. Thank you for putting this together!