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" . . . there are secrets where fairies don't live . . . "

this is my first mix everyone ! these are my favourite songs from the Legend Of Zelda series - hope you enjoy ! ☆ ~

23 tracks
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Love the tracks you chose for this playlist! Some of them seem to repeat throughout the playlist, though, not sure if it's 8tracks being funky or if it's just me?

@keyholecat thankyou so much, i'm glad you like it! and also- i just checked and it seems that a few of the tracks have been doubled for some reason.. probably just 8tracks being silly! thanks for pointing it out, i wouldn't have found out otherwise! (´∀`) ☆

thankyou so much! i tried my best to include some popular songs, and not so popular songs from the series. i'm so glad you enjoy it! ☆

Lovely mix! The Legend of Zelda is a huge part of my life, and this mix has a perfect assortment of songs from the series.