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bayonetta, you mystery

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. . . you came along with a destiny ー ♪

a followthrough of the beautiful sounds from bayonetta one. enjoy.

  • Bayonetta OST by Bayonetta Ost
  • Angel Advent A by EV02
  • Bayonetta by ACTION!
  • Riders of the Light by bayonetta1
  • Fly Me To The Moon (∞ Climax Mix) by Bayonetta
  • Town Areas by ST03 Vigrid
  • The Gates of Hell by bayonetta1
  • Preparing for a Mysterious Destiny by Bayonetta
  • Battle For The Umbra Throne by 近藤嶺
  • Bayonetta OST Blood Darkness by Karen Beau Pre
  • Red & Black by bayonetta2
  • Paradise of Light by Paradiso
  • ST06 Moonlit Valley by bayonetta2
  • ST11 Save Cereza! by bayonetta3
  • In Labors and Dang by Fortitudo
  • GM03 Angel Attack by Kaoru Akashi
  • Upper F by ST13 Isabel Building
  • Let's Dance Boys! by bayonetta4
18 tracks
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