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are we falling in love? [a swiss army man fanmix]


My very first fanmix, dedicated to the film Swiss Army Man and the love that blossoms between Hank and Manny. This mix captures the sweet and intimate moments they share together.

Hope you enjoy the mix as much as I did making it.

Track list can be found on my tumblr blog:

16 tracks
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Thank you for your wholehearted response, Sage_of_Spice. That was my exact intention! I'm so pleased it turned out as well as I pictured it would be. Your message has proved it was a success. Again, thank you for listening. :D

Gorgeous work! I’m buzzing! :D
The aesthetic and energy of the tracks are well matched to the tone of the film and to Hank & Manny’s relationship itself. I especially enjoy the instances when evocative themes & imagery (breathing, oceanic, dirt, etc.) were present. It’s robustly tender and brimming with the rich, bittersweet flavors of the joyous, frightfully intimate wonder of diving deep into another soul and then finding yourself complete.